Embotech optimizes cruise control from ZF with algorithm


Zurich/Friedrichshafen – An algorithm from Embotech contributes to more environmentally friendly mobility. It optimizes an adaptive cruise control system for electric vehicles from ZF. This enables more efficient driving strategies and a range that is up to 8 percent greater. The solution can be mass produced.

Embotech has developed an algorithm for an adaptive cruise control system of the globally active Friedrichshafen-based technology group and automotive supplier ZF Friedrichshafen. This optimization algorithm is a core component of the distance-regulating cruise control ZF Eco Control 4 ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control).

According to a media release, in order to reduce the energy requirements of electric vehicles, Embotech’s algorithm evaluates in real time, in particular, map information such as inclines, declines and curves, as well as in-vehicle information about the optimal operating points of the powertrain. With an optimal driving strategy achieved in this way, the range of electric vehicles should be increased by up to 8 percent.

According to the company, this is where the competencies of ZF and Embotech complement each other: While ZF can provide the appropriate information for the assistance system from its system understanding of the entire vehicle and control acceleration and braking, Embotech contributes its in-depth understanding of the appropriate algorithms for real-time evaluation of this data and its embedded solutions.

The function can be easily integrated as a software add-on into existing series ACCs of electric private and commercial vehicles, regardless of the type of powertrain. “Eco Control 4 ACC is a groundbreaking development that brings us a significant step closer to the vision of zero emissions,” Uwe Class, Head of Systems Development at ZF, is quoted as saying.

“The potential savings of up to 8 percent ‘with just a little code’ is a huge step forward in revolutionizing greener mobility and transportation,” said CTO and co-founder of Embotech, Alexander Domahidi. ce/mm