Ecospeed improves calculation of carbon footprint


Zurich – The latest version of Ecospeed software enables data transfer via an API interface. This simplifies the determination of the carbon footprint of products, cities and companies, especially with larger amounts of data.

The latest software version of Ecospeed can now transfer larger amounts of data to other software programs without media discontinuity. The Zurich-based company has integrated an API interface for this purpose. According to a media release from Ecospeed, this simplifies end-to-end data transfer to determine the carbon footprint of companies and products.

According to the information, the API interface allows bidirectional data transfer to other software programs without the detour via manual entries or Excel tables. Users could “input the carbon footprint data from our system to other IT systems via the API interface, or read in data” that they process in the Ecospeed software, explains CEO Thomas Herzberger. This interface will also offer more advanced features and additional connectivity options in the future, he added.

The target group for this new function primarily includes users who handle larger volumes of data, such as those required to calculate a company’s carbon footprint. For example, you could use it to import raw data from energy management systems directly into Ecospeed. The API interface also makes work much easier when handling fluctuating data. mm