Ecospeed calculates CO2 footprint of Porsche’s e-bike powertrain


Zurich – The Bavarian start-up FAZUA, which was acquired by Porsche, uses the Ecospeed Scout software from the Zurich-based company Ecospeed. FAZUA says this enables it to determine the carbon footprint of its latest e-bike drive down to the gram and make it transparent.

The Ecospeed Scout software is used by the German company FAZUA (Bavarian for: Fahr’ zu). The start-up, founded in 2020 and acquired by Porsche eBike Performance in 2022, thus calculates the CO2 footprint (Product Carbon Footprint, PCF) of its RIDE 60 e-bike drive “down to the gram”, according to a media release from Zurich-based developer Ecospeed.

The software reportedly allows for the holistic environmental assessment of products, processes and sites. The software takes into account the national regulatory environmental targets and specifications of all EU countries and Switzerland. This is particularly relevant against the background of the new EU directive on environmental reporting (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, CSRD) with eco-key figures, in which the supply chains are also to be included.

The software contains over 19,000 materials, processes, transport types, energy sources and waste types from the ecoinvent database. Ecoinvent is a non-profit association based in Zurich that promotes the availability of high-quality data for sustainability assessments worldwide.

This not only serves to inform the clientele, says development engineer Linda Reuter from Porsche eBike Performance: “We use the software in the innovation process to better assess different concepts. The calculated PCF as well as socially relevant and other ecological aspects then flow into our decision-making process. In this way, we are getting better and better and can back this up with figures.”

In addition to the environmental assessment of products, processes and locations by Ecospeed Scout, the Zurich-based start-up also offers Ecospeed Business for determining the CO2 footprint of companies, the energy and CO2 balancing Ecospeed Region for regions, Ecospeed Immo for “building-specific” heat data for municipalities and cantons, and EnerCoach, an energy accounting system for buildings. mm