Doughnut Economics

Doughnut Economics erklärt.

Doughnut Economics is an economic theory by Kate Raworth that helps show the social and planetary boundaries via a playful serious approach. Raworth argues that infinite economic growth cannot be the ultimate key to greater prosperity. Rather, we should strive for an economy that sees balance as the solution. Such an economy (or Doughnut Economics) should work to ensure that everyone finds a place on the sweet doughnut that makes up its model.

The inner edge of the doughnut represents a minimum of resources that we need as a social basis for a good life. These include, for example, food, clean water, housing, health care or education. The outer edge of the doughnut is determined by the ecological limits. If we step beyond them, we cause devastating effects on the environment. The doughnut should therefore help to find an economic way of thinking that allows to satisfy the needs of all, but within the possibilities of the planet.

1. Change the Goal - 1/7 Doughnut Economics

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