Designwerk delivers first e-milk truck


Winterthur/Attinghausen UR – Zgraggen Transport has taken delivery of the first fully electric milk collection vehicle from Designwerk, the Winterthur-based e-mobility specialist. This enables the transport company in Uri to perform this task without emissions and save around 93 tons of CO2 annually.

The first fully electric milk collection vehicle on Swiss roads comes from Winterthur Designwerk. “By using Switzerland’s first electric milk collector, we are setting an example,” Elias Zgraggen, managing director of Zgraggen Transport AG, is quoted as saying in a media release from Designwerk. “This allows us to operate locally with zero emissions and make an important contribution to low-emission mobility.” By eliminating diesel as a fuel, the Uri-based company will reportedly save around 93 tons of CO2 per year.

The vehicle has been in use for a few weeks and covers around 330 kilometers a day. The route ends in each case with the return journey from the milk collection station at the Emmi milk processor in Dagmersellen LU or Emmen LU. At the Zgraggen site in Schattdorf UR, the vehicle is recharged with electricity from the company’s own solar and wood gasification plant. The company operates two more e-trucks with two HIGH CAB Semi 6x2T semitrailers from Designwerk.

The technical details of the e-milk cart “are unique on the market to date,” according to the release. The lightweight, fixed-tooth drive train reportedly plays to its advantages in this weight-critical application. With 510 kilowatt hours of battery capacity, the vehicle offers a range of between 250 and 300 kilometers. The complete superstructure is also electrically powered. As Designwerk points out, the flexibility in placing the high-voltage batteries in its vehicles guarantees many more applications of this type. ce/mm