Daetwyler relies on solar power


Altdorf – Daetwyler has equipped a total of five sites with photovoltaic systems in 2022. Compared with the previous year, CO2 emissions were reduced by 4.7 percent. By 2030, the Uri-based industrial group aims to have climate-neutral production worldwide.

Nine of Daetwyler ‘s 27 production sites already cover their electricity needs entirely from renewable sources, the Uri-based industrial group says in a statement. A large part of the energy is purchased from local electricity suppliers. However, Daetwyler also produces its own solar power for self-consumption at six locations.

The start was made in 2021 on the roofs of the Indian plant in Kesurdi. Around 8000 square meters of solar panels installed there reduce the Group’s CO2 emissions by 1500 tons annually, Daetwyler writes. Last year, a further five production sites in Switzerland, Italy and Germany were equipped with photovoltaic systems. In total, the systems at the six sites are expected to supply around 4.4 gigawatt hours of solar power annually for Daetwyler’s own consumption.

The switch to electricity from renewable sources, in conjunction with measures to improve energy efficiency, led to a 4.7 percent reduction in CO2 emissions in 2022 compared with the previous year. Daetwyler aims to have climate-neutral production worldwide by 2030. To this end, the Group is currently examining further projects, such as the installation of solar cells on the facade of the plant in Schattdorf UR. Daetwyler also intends to increase the share of electricity from renewable sources at the sites of Xinhui and QSR, which were acquired in 2022. ce/hs