Coop includes products from brewbee in its assortment


Appenzell – Coop now carries food from brewbee. The start-up makes sustainable food and meat alternatives from by-products of beer production at the Locher brewery in Appenzell. In this way, it wants to ensure that less high-quality food is thrown away.

The brewbee food products are now available at Coop stores throughout Switzerland. The start-up from Appenzell produces sustainable food from brewery by-products such as spent malt and brewer’s yeast and is committed to reducing food waste. Spent grains, brewer’s yeast, soft beer and secondary wort are converted into high-quality food. “brewbee’s products convince us all along the line and show how a Swiss innovation can have a sustainable effect against foodwaste,” Simon Grieder, Head of Procurement Beverages and Specialty Stores at Coop, is quoted as saying in a media release.

“Brewer’s grains contain more protein and fiber than other raw materials, and you feel full faster and, above all, longer,” says Simon Haas, food technologist and product developer at brewbee, explaining why recycling makes sense. The ingredients for the snacks, pizzas, mueslis and meat alternatives produced by Brewbee come from its own brewery.

Because Brewbee is the food upcycling brand of Appenzeller Brauerei Locher. It claims to be the most sustainable brewery in Switzerland and is run as an independent family business in the fifth generation. heg