Confederation awards 32 million Swiss francs for electricity-saving measures


Bern – Eight new programs are being supported in the Federal Office of Energy’s 2023 competitive tenders for electricity savings in the industrial and service sectors and in households. In addition, 67 projects will receive a funding award.

In 2023, competitive tenders for electricity savings in the industrial and service sectors and in households will be held for the 14th time by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy(SFOE). Eight new programs will be supported with a total of 15 million francs, according to a media release. In addition, 67 projects received funding awards through the end of September 2023.

According to the SFOE release, the 2023 project tender has set a new record for submissions. By the end of September, a total of 113 project applications had been submitted, more than ever before. 67 projects have received funding commitments totaling a maximum of 17 million Swiss francs. The 2023 call for projects is also on course for a record in terms of the total amount of funding already approved and the number of applications approved, it adds.

According to the SFOE, the thematic spectrum of the newly funded projects ranges from the energy-efficient refurbishment of lighting in the emergency and operating tract of a large hospital to the optimization of blowers in a waste disposal company and the replacement of a drive for a gondola lift. Project applications for the 2023 calls can still be submitted until November 5, 2023 at the latest.

As in previous years, applications for the programs had to be submitted by the deadline of May 2, 2023. Twelve applications have been received by the ProKilowatt office for the 2023 call for programs. Of these, eight programs received a funding award.

They promote electricity-saving measures such as in companies in the paint and varnish industry or the replacement of commercial kitchen appliances with more efficient models. Also among the eight new programs is a nationwide program that supports energy retrofits for soccer field lighting. ce/gba