Climeworks extracts CO2 from the air for Mammut


Seon AG/Zurich – Mammut has signed a contract with the cleantech start-up Climeworks. In the process, Climeworks will filter 200 tons of CO2 from the air for Mammut in the coming years and store it for the long term. Mammut is thus one step closer to its net zero target by 2050.

Mammut has signed a multi-year contract with Zurich-based start-up Climeworks. Under the agreement, Climeworks will filter at least 200 tons of CO2 from the air for the Aargau-based outdoor clothing supplier. The process takes place at Climeworks’ facility in Iceland, according to a media release. The CO2 is stored long-term under the earth’s surface in the form of solid carbonates.

Thanks to the partnership, Mammut wants to get one step closer to its net zero target by 2050. According to Mammut, products whose CO2 emissions have already been offset will be marked with the Carbon removed label. The first such collection is scheduled for launch in spring 2023.

“At Mammut, we focus our climate strategy on reducing our CO2 emissions along our value chain,” Adrian Huber, Head of Corporate Responsibility, is quoted as saying in the release. To this end, the company is also focusing on renewable energies, changes in the supply chain, sustainable materials and circular business models. ssp