Climate Cent Foundation promotes CO2 capture and storage


Zurich – The Climate Cent Foundation is supporting five CO2 capture and storage projects with a total of 50 million Swiss francs until 2030. The funds will go to Neustark, zirkulit, Sika and CO2 Energie. The total amount of CO2 stored by these during the production period is expected to be around 84,000 tons.

The Climate Cent Foundation is funding five projects by Swiss companies up to 2030 that offer solutions for capturing CO2 from the air directly at plants and its subsequent permanent storage. The foundation is making 50 million francs available for this purpose. It intends to transfer the CO2 certificates purchased with these funds to the federal government by 2032 at the latest. All of these projects are reported to permanently store about 84,000 metric tons of CO2 over the funding period.

According to its media release, neustark was the only company to win two submitted projects. The Bern-based spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology intends to build liquefaction plants at various biogas plants in Switzerland that already capture CO2 for biogas upgrading. The liquefied CO2 will be transported by truck, rail and ship to Iceland, Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Storage sites for liquefied CO2 in the same countries are also being eyed by CO2 Energie aus Baden AG, a company founded by Regionalwerke AG Baden and Recycling Energie AG. The company is also planning a liquefaction plant. It is to be built in the course of an expansion of the biogas plant in Nesselnbach AG.

In the second neustark project, concrete granules fumigated with CO2 are to be used as ballast material in road construction. According to its press release, the company zirkulit from Kloten ZH, a subsidiary of Eberhard Unternehmungen, also relies on fumigated concrete granulate in this context. Subsequently, their recycled concrete is to go on sale. According to its announcement, Sika binds CO2 in recycled cement paste powder. It can then be used in the production of cement, concrete or mortar. ce/mm