CKW launches smart charging app for e-cars


Lucerne – CKW is launching a digital application to charge electric cars as cost-effectively as possible. At the same time, the Smart Charging App helps stabilize the power grid.

Interested parties can now find CKW‘s Smart Charging app in the app stores. This is “the first intelligent electric car charging app for Switzerland,” writes the Lucerne-based energy service provider in a corresponding press release. The digital application controls the charging process of electric cars as cost-effectively as possible and helps stabilize the power grid.

For the latter, the app shifts the charging process to times when the network load is lower than shortly after closing time. In addition, the charging process can be adapted to any existing photovoltaic system. Those who use the application will be rewarded with a payment for each intelligently charged kilowatt hour. This can add up to 100 francs a year, CKW explains.

However, preferences can also be defined in the app. For example, it is possible to determine by when the vehicle should be charged and to what extent. The times for low tariffs can also be entered. “With the CKW Smart Charging App, we are the first company to offer an innovative and Switzerland-wide solution for grid stabilization, which at the same time also provides users with great added value,” the head of the Energy business unit at CKW, Thomas Reithofer, is quoted as saying. hs