City of Zurich allocates 12 million for circular economy


Zurich – The city of Zurich wants to financially support young companies and non-profit organizations for the circular economy and climate protection. The city is providing 12 million francs for this purpose. Funded projects are expected to contribute to the city’s net zero climate goal.

“Achieving the city’s net-zero climate goal also requires the participation of the business and non-profit sectors,” Zurich City Council wrote in a release for its March 8 meeting. On this, the city council requested the municipal council to allocate 12 million Swiss francs for the KlimUp funding program. They are intended to benefit start-up companies and charitable, non-profit organizations that contribute to the circular economy and climate protection.

In particular, the City Council is interested in contributions to achieving the city’s climate-neutral city and smart resource use goals. Funding will focus on projects that promote sustainable consumption and circular economy. Furthermore, the City Council intends to support innovative greenhouse gas reduction products and negative emission technologies.

Financial support is to be provided in the form of one-time innovation contributions to start-up companies and non-profit organizations, as well as multi-year operating contributions for non-profit organizations. As far as possible, the city intends to monitor the impact of the funded projects using qualitative indicators. An impact assessment methodology is currently being developed, the release states. hs