Circular economy in construction gains ground


Rubingen BE – Kästli Bau AG’s second specialist conference on the circular economy in construction brought together over 120 people from the construction industry, planning and building owners. In the dialogue, they showed the will to learn from and with each other in the interest of a circular construction industry.

About 120 experts from the construction industry, planning and building owners exchanged ideas at the second specialist conference on circular economy in construction held by Kästli Bau AG in June. Kästli Bau AG writes in a corresponding press release that the conference showed a great willingness on the part of companies, planners and building owners to approach one another. “The transformation is underway,” Ronald Flühmann, project manager for technology at Kästli Bau AG, is quoted there from his contribution to a panel discussion at the conference. “What’s needed now is an end to silo thinking so we can move forward together.”

Many examples of the end of this silo thinking could be found at the symposium. “If all sides insist on their point of view, there is no moving forward,” speaker and panelist Urs Neuenschwander, head of marketing and sales at Energie Thun AG, is quoted as saying from his presentation. Panelist Michael Beyeler, Vice President of the Regional Group Bern and co-owner of BSB+Partner Ingenieure und Planer AG, expressed his conviction that the common optimum can be achieved through good communication and early input of expertise.

During the discussion, Sarah Weber, representing the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), one of the largest clients in the Swiss construction industry, signaled her willingness to engage in a dialogue, writes Kästli Bau AG. The practice-oriented expertise of the planning and construction specialists “is valuable to us,” the Deputy Head of Environment/Sustainability SBB Infrastructure is quoted as saying. “We want to walk the path to more sustainable projects together with our suppliers.” ce/hs