Carbon Offset Certification is new partner of the UAE Exchange


Geneva/Abu Dhabi – ACX Ltd, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) voluntary carbon trading exchange, is partnering with Carbon Offset Certification. The Swiss certificate for CO2-neutral raw materials, products and services is designed to strengthen the environmental credentials of exchange members.

ACX Ltd, the Abu Dhabi-based global carbon trading exchange, aims to use Carbon Offset Certification(COC) to help its members on the path to carbon neutrality. The certification protocol, backed by Geneva-based CN Commodity, provides verification of environmental claims about commodity transactions, products and services.

The partnership with COC will allow ACX members to benefit from COC’s targeted approach in each of the commodities, aviation and shipping sectors, according to a media release from exchange operator Aircarbon Exchange Group. This is to support the credibility of their environmental claims.

This approach, according to the release, includes calculating carbon footprints based on recognized greenhouse gas accounting standards, as well as having the results verified by a qualified verifier and mitigating emissions through high-quality carbon credits that companies can purchase and phase out through emissions traders such as ACX.

For Henri-Jean Bardon, director of ACX’s biofuels platform, transparency is particularly important as the exchange expands both geographically and in terms of its product offerings. Therefore, the cooperation with the Carbon Offset Certification initiative is “an important step in this direction.”

According to COC CEO Paul Sébastien, efficient access to the CO2 market is essential for companies, as demand for certified products and services for emissions trading is growing rapidly. “COC is very pleased to be working with ACX, the leading global carbon exchange, to help companies on the path to decarbonization.” ce/mm