Capt’n Greenfin receives 260,000 Swiss francs from Innosuisse


Bern/Windisch AG – Capt’n Greenfin is being funded by Innosuisse with an amount of 260,000 Swiss francs. The funds will go towards a research project in which the start-up will work with the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland to develop new, biodegradable materials for fish bait.

Bern-based start-up Capt’n Greenfin receives research funding of 260,000 Swiss francs from Innosuisse. According to a media release, the funds will be used for a joint research project with the Institute for Plastics Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW).

Capt’n Greenfin develops environmentally friendly, because plastic-free fishing lures. In doing so, the company hopes to address the problem that, according to its estimate, about 1,300 tons of plastic bait and 1,300 tons of lead are lost and pollute waters each year due to bait breakage. This research project is designed to produce biodegradable materials for predator lures in particular. The use of such materials should help reduce the environmental impact without limiting the effectiveness and attractiveness of fishing lures.

“We are pleased to have the support of Innosuisse and look forward to further collaboration with Prof. Dr. Rytka and the team at the Institute of Plastics Engineering at FHNW,” Jonas Urwyler, founder and CEO of Capt’n Greenfin, is quoted as saying in the release. “This research project is an important milestone for us and our waters. It allows us to further develop Greenfin materials and offer real alternatives to traditional plastic artificial lures. We are confident that together we can develop innovative solutions that both meet the needs of the angling industry and help protect our waters.” ce/ww