Canton of Lucerne wants to accelerate the expansion of renewables


Lucerne – The canton of Lucerne wants to make better use of the potential of solar installations on buildings by amending the cantonal energy law. The draft law provides for appropriate utilization of the roof area in new buildings. The same applies to roof renovations on existing houses.

The cantonal government of Lucerne has published its draft legislation on the expansion of electricity production from renewable energies. The amendment to the Cantonal Energy Act provides for better utilization of roof surfaces for the generation of solar power.

According to a press release, in future new buildings should no longer only generate part of the electricity they need themselves, but should “make appropriate use” of the electricity generation potential of the roof area. Electricity generation requirements are also proposed for existing buildings, as they in particular have “immense potential for generating electricity”.

This is in the interest of a rapid expansion of locally produced renewable energy, according to District President Fabian Peter: In this way, “we will not only achieve our climate targets, but also increase our energy supply security”. After all, photovoltaic systems on roofs in the canton could generate a total of 2.4 terawatt hours of solar power. According to the figures, this is more than double the current electricity consumption of all private households.

Photovoltaic systems may now also be installed on another roof within a certain group of buildings, for example on stables, haylofts, commercial buildings or school grounds. This is the Government Council’s response to a frequently expressed concern from the public consultation. This took place from December 15 to April 6, 2023.

The majority agreed with the general thrust, objectives and principles of the new regulations. This amendment to the Cantonal Energy Act is expected to be on the agenda for the upcoming May session of the Cantonal Council. ce/mm