Camille Bauer and Fichtner want to digitize distribution networks


Wohlen AG/Stuttgart – Camille Bauer Metrawatt is developing a solution for intelligent management of low-voltage networks. To this end, the Aargau-based specialist for measurement technology is teaming up with Fichtner IT Consulting from Stuttgart. The concept is intended to help avoid expensive network expansion.

Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG and Fichtner IT Consulting are teaming up for the development of digital network management in the low-voltage sector. To achieve this, the two partner companies want to combine “high-quality and fundamental measurement data with intelligent digital grid management,” explains Camille Bauer in a corresponding press release. The concept for digital operation of existing networks developed by the Aargau-based measurement technology specialist together with the IT Competence Center of the Fichtner Group is intended to help avoid “an expensive expansion involving a lot of valuable resources”.

The two partner companies propose a four-step approach. The first step is to collect real-time data from the networks by means of secure measurement. From these, a complete digital image of the network is then created in a second step. The third step provides for the creation of a network cockpit. Here, measured values and network situation are displayed in an interactive visualization. In the final step, analyses, forecasts and automations are to be developed specifically for the respective departments.

With this step-by-step approach and attention to scalability, Camille Bauer and Fichtner say they want to ensure that their concept doesn’t stretch customers’ budgets. In addition, productive benefits are generated at an early stage. As a further advantage, the partner companies cite the possibility of being able to realize further expansion depending on future needs. hs