Business Sustainability Today shows ways for SMEs


Zurich – The independent information and video platform Business Sustainability Today has launched its “Sustainable Switzerland” campaign. For each UN sustainability goal (SDG), it will publish at least one dossier with sustainable solutions for Swiss SMEs. SDG 13 “Climate Action” is now the first step.

Business Sustainability Today is launching its “Sustainable Switzerland” campaign to demonstrate the contribution that SMEs can make to the UN sustainability goal (SDG) number 13. It’s Climate Action. Business Sustainability Today describes itself as the first independent digital information and discussion platform on the subject of corporate sustainability and goals for sustainable development.

This action has launched the platform together with UBS and It aims to motivate companies with inspiring solutions to implement the 17 SDG.

An introductory article deals with the potential of SMEs in climate and energy. They could, for example, reduce their ecological footprint through renovation and energy efficiency measures and cut energy costs. In concrete terms, successful examples are cited which have achieved this by converting to LED technology. Significant savings could also have been achieved in heating, ventilation and process heat.

In an interview, Jacqueline Jakob, managing director of the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW), explains where companies have the greatest potential for saving energy. They could benefit from the energy check of EnAW. He would replace the company’s own energy commissioner and advise on the financial viability.

A video contribution shows, using the example of the Basel brewery Fischerstube, how even a small business can make a contribution to climate protection. Andrea Alfonso, who is responsible for the cooperation with EnAW, explains that the further use of the heat generated during the brewing process was identified and implemented as one of the measures. Overall, the brewery now produces in a more environmentally friendly way and pays less for energy. mm