invests in sustainable construction startups


Rotkreuz ZG – Switzerland Innovation Park Central, private investors and Zug Cantonal Bank have founded the investment company It makes long-term investments in startups from the Innovation Park ecosystem that pursue circular and sustainable business models for the construction industry.

The newly established investment company will support promising startups from the Switzerland Innovation Park Central ecosystem that focus on developing circular products and services and for CO2 reduction in the construction industry. With a long-term investment strategy, aims to help them “enter the market and achieve sustainable growth in Switzerland and beyond,” according to a media release. was founded by Switzerland Innovation Park Central together with private investors and Zug Cantonal Bank, which holds one third of the share capital of the newly founded company. As the release goes on to say, believes in true partnerships and long-term relationships with all stakeholders. “For this reason, was not designed to be another venture capital fund,” but aims to maximize its impact over the long term by reinvesting at least half of all future proceeds back into the startup ecosystem.

The Venture Desk was also established to complement the Investment Company. With the right contact partners in each case, this institution supports start-ups in running their businesses. This should make it easier for founders to focus on growing their business. Switzerland Innovation Park Central and Zuger Kantonalbank are among the seven partners. In addition, Aktionariat AG, Caminada Treuhand AG Zug, ITZ InnovationsTransfer Zentralschweiz/*zünder, Kellerhals Carrard and Rentsch Partner AG are also available. ce/mm