Bühler: With Insect Technology Solutions to Protein for a Growing Population

Bühler AG Protein für eine wachsende Bevölkerung

Bühler AG technologies come into contact with billions of people every day to meet their food needs. With such market relevance comes responsibility. Ian Roberts, Chief Technology Officer of Bühler AG, explains how the technology group is meeting this. He is convinced that changes in the food system are necessary in view of the steady population growth. In the video, he gives particular insight into the Bühler Insect Technology Solutions project.

About Bühler AG

Which social challenges are addressed by Bühler AG?

It is estimated that we will be nine billion people in 2050. Meanwhile, the current food system is hardly sustainable. In addition, the demand for healthy and safe foods, such as protein sources, will continue to increase. So we have to find new ways to cover it.

Which solution approach was chosen?

Together with the Dutch company Protix, Bühler is developing scalable solutions for the production of insect protein. To increase its impact, Bühler is taking a collaborative approach to this, working with experts, customers, and partners.

What are the effects (impact)?

To feed the insects, Bühler plans to use biological waste, such as compost. Moreover, the breeding of insects can be done on site, in a wide variety of locations. Ian Roberts emphasizes that they can thus use the extracted insect protein locally to feed poultry or fish. This enables customers to avoid long transport routes.

What vision is Bühler AG striving for?

Bühler wants everyone to have access to healthy food. See website.

How can the solution set be multiplied and scaled?

According to Ian Roberts, new inventions can only take hold if they meet with acceptance in the market. He stresses that behind every idea designed for sustainability there must also be a certain business case. As a family business, Bühler sees itself in a somewhat easier position than listed corporations. Thus, they are not solely subject to pressure from shareholders for increased profits. The family concept internalized in the corporate philosophy for the continuation for the next generations also takes effect. To ensure that its innovations also find the necessary demand in the marketplace, Bühler works closely with customers and other stakeholders as early as the development phase. In doing so, they apply a wide variety of cooperation models. This increases the impact.

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