BSC Young Boys now uses wooden cups in the stadium


Bern/Brügg BE/Menznau LU – In future, BSC Young Boys fans will receive their drinks at the Wankdorf Stadium in sustainable wooden cups from the Bern-based company Arboloom. In this way, the club aims to avoid around 11 tons of plastic waste every year.

In future, drinks will be served in wooden cups at Bern’s Wankdorf Stadium. The CEO of the football club BSC Young BoysWanja Greuel, announcedBSC Young Boys is setting new standards in the world of sport by replacing the previous plastic cups with the company’s world first. Arboloom from Brügg.” Its ecological footprint is three times smaller than that of a plastic cup and 20 percent smaller than that of reusable cups.

Arboloom has developed an innovative process that makes it possible to skip energy- and water-intensive paper production and use wood more efficiently. The company uses wood veneers for the wooden cups. According to the company, this reduces wood consumption and protects the forests. According to Arboloom 2022, the cup had already been tested with BSC Young Boys as a partner and then developed further.

Thanks to the use of wood and biodegradable coatings, the cups are processed into chipboard for furniture after use by the company Swiss Krono from Menznau. According to its CEO, BSC Young Boys, five-time Swiss champions in the last six years, aims to avoid around 11 tons of plastic waste every year: “We are delighted that we can now use a very sustainable innovation in our everyday lives with the wooden cups.” ce/mm