Broad alliance wants circular economy for plastic packaging


Zurich – More than 70 organizations – from producers to brand owners and retailers to recyclers and disposers – have committed to creating a nationwide collection and recycling system for plastic and beverage carton packaging. It aims to close the loop by 2030.

More than 70 stakeholders along the entire value chain have signed a declaration of intent to create a Switzerland-wide collection and recycling system for plastic and beverage carton packaging as part of the Collection 2025 project. The specific principles formulated therein set the cornerstones for the future system, Swiss Recycling said in a media release.

This so-called letter of intent forms the basis of a business plan, which in turn will be the basis for the establishment of an umbrella organization. It is to organize the collection and recycling system, remunerate services rendered and be oriented to overriding goals.

The implementation process had been started last year when this broad alliance had signed the Pact “Closing the loop for plastic packaging and beverage cartons”. According to the statement, the focus of the letter of intent that has now been signed is on standardization: a collection bag that looks the same throughout Switzerland and a pricing system that is the same everywhere. All costs are to be covered by bag contributions, contributions from distributors and recyclate proceeds.

By 2023, the target is a recycling rate of 55 percent for plastic packaging and 70 percent for beverage cartons. In doing so, distributors commit to Design for Recycling.

National Councilor Marcel Dobler, initiator of the motion Promoting the circular economy. Switzerland should recycle more plastic, welcomes this voluntary initiative by the business community: “With this momentum, Motion 20.3695 can be implemented by the stakeholders concerned on their own responsibility.” ce/mm