Borobotics builds prototypes of its drilling robot for geothermal energy


Winterthur – Borobotics AG is about to build its prototype. The Grabowski drilling robot developed in-house is intended to replace traditional drilling methods for geothermal heat pumps. In contrast, Grabowski is space-saving, very quiet, more efficient and consumes many times less energy.

Borobotics is approaching its first test well over 20 meters. According to the company newsletter, this will take place at the end of September with the prototype of the self-developed drilling robot called Grabowski. Most of the parts and the engines have now arrived, he said, and assembly can begin. It is expected to revolutionize the drilling process for ground-coupled heat pumps.

According to Borobotics, the problems with current techniques for tapping geothermal energy are the large space required for the construction machines of at least 50 square meters and the distance of 10 meters required to the next borehole. In addition, the impact energy of the conventional drill could trigger earthquakes. Water layers would be detected and penetrated too late. In addition, these devices are very loud, expensive and labor-intensive.

In contrast, the Grabowski has all the equipment for drilling integrated in the borehole. The robot digs autonomously and energy-efficiently to a depth of 250 meters. Due to the compactness of the system, drilling can be realized even where there was not enough space before. And the cost is said to be only a fraction.

“While the first prototype is close to its first missions, we are already busy building the second, more advanced prototype,” Borobotics said in its newsletter. It will have a system of fluid muscles. They will allow him to move up and down the borehole like a worm. This motion unit will be tested in a 50-meter test in early 2024. Borobotics is currently located in the RUNWAY Startup Incubator at Technopark Winterthur. ce/mm