Book by Albin Kälin points the way to the circular economy


Bäch SZ – Albin Kälin will publish a new book in spring 2024. In it, the managing director of epeaswitzerland uses examples to demonstrate how companies can take the path to the circular economy. A special issue of “The European” magazine devotes its cover story to Kälin.

Everyone is talking about the circular economy. And thus the public has also taken more notice of the work that Albin Kälin has already been doing for decades. As managing director of epeaswitzerland from Bäch, he and his company act as accredited assessors for Cradle to Cradle Certified certifications. Cradle to Cradle is a principle of the circular economy, and epeaswitzerland has supported numerous companies in implementing corresponding measures. Kälin’s new book, entitled “From Rebel to Radical Innovator” in English, will now be published in the spring.

The magazine “The European” dedicated a cover story to Kälin and his new book in the special issue “Climate Change Review“. In it, Kälin also looks back at his beginnings and his motivation for founding epeaswitzerland. The numerous awards and the attention he has received in recent years now make it a little easier to continue working on his dream, which is to preserve the environment for future generations, Kälin is quoted as saying. In his book, he illustrates how many companies have already successfully mastered the transition to a circular economy. In this way, Kälin would like to motivate companies to also follow this path. This is how to tackle the plastic problem that mankind is facing.

“We still hear the phrase ‘time is money’ today,” Kälin tells Climate Change Review. “We need to overcome this kind of thinking. Our future depends on how we manage our resources for future generations.” The special edition of the magazine will be laid out at a number of high-profile events: The G20 Summit in India from 9. until Sept. 10, the United Nations Climate Summit in New York on Sept. 20 and the World Climate Summit (COP) in Dubai from Nov. 30 to Dec. 12, which will be attended by some 40,000 people. ce/jh