Berne location promotion supplements funding criteria


Berne – In future, the Canton of Berne’s location development agency will also apply sustainability criteria when awarding its business support services. For this purpose, applicant companies must answer questions on aspects of the circular economy.

In the future, the Canton of Bern’s location development department will also evaluate the environmental performance of a company applying for support. It has now included corresponding sustainability elements in its assessment criteria. The other criteria that have been applied so far remain valid, according to a statement from the cantonal administration. This applies in particular to the two key criteria of innovation content of the investment project and value creation for the Bernese economy.

In accordance with the new requirements, companies are now asked to complete an online self-assessment questionnaire. According to the report, the questions target important aspects of the circular economy. Companies that score below 25 percent must take improvement measures before they are eligible for funding. However, Site Promotion expects this value to increase in parallel with the growing demands for sustainability.

The questionnaire is a simple tool for businesses to quickly take stock of their actions to promote sustainability and the circular economy, it adds. It is also available to companies that do not apply for financial assistance from the authority, he said. ce/mm