Baumer intensifies commitment to solar power


Frauenfeld – Baumer is implementing measures to expand photovoltaics at its headquarters in Frauenfeld. More than 800 modules with a nominal output of 340 kilowatts peak are to be installed. Together with the Innovation Center, this results in a total annual output of 305,000 kilowatt hours of power.

Baumer has announced the installation of more than 800 photovoltaic modules on facades and roofs of factory buildings at its headquarters in the St.GallenBodenseeArea for June 2023. The solar power technology is expected to provide a rated output of 340 kilowatts peak, according to a news release. Together with the Innovation Center currently under construction, which will generate 130,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, an electricity yield of 305,000 kilowatt hours per year is expected, he said. This would enable the sensor specialist to cover 11 percent of its electricity requirements with solar power in the future.

With the investment in the solar building envelope, the Frauenfeld-based sensor specialist is continuing its Baumer Blue innovation initiative. The company is thus focusing on sustainability, energy efficiency and modern infrastructure.

In Frauenfeld and at all sites in Germany, the company already uses exclusively green electricity, it says. On the way to optimizing consumption, Baumer is also implementing energy-saving measures and a heating and cooling concept based on geothermal probes and a heat pump at the Innovation Center. ce/heg