Axpo supplies solar power to Nobian


Baden AG – Axpo has concluded a power purchase agreement with the German chemicals manufacturer Nobian for the Netherlands. Axpo will supply solar power to Nobian’s production facilities in Delfzijl for 15 years at a fixed price.

Utility Axpo and Nobian have signed a long-term solar power purchase agreement (PPA), according to a media release. Over a period of 15 years, 17 gigawatt hours per year from Wircon ‘s photovoltaic systems will supply Nobian’s production facilities in Delfzijl with green electricity. The amount would be equivalent to the annual consumption of 6000 households in the Netherlands and a CO2 saving of more than 6000 tons per year.

The PPA business will make “a significant contribution to meeting Nobian’s specific renewable energy needs,” Michiel Rutgers, Branch Manager of Axpo Netherlands, is quoted as saying. According to the quoted Johan Hospers, Director Energy at Nobian, the northern part of the Netherlands plays a central role “in large-scale energy production.” Nobian is a pan-European manufacturer of salt and chemicals for the construction, cleaning, pharmaceutical and water treatment industries.

The electricity is generated at Wircon’s nearby solar park. The German-based photovoltaic company has been developing and constructing ground-mounted photovoltaic systems for international projects since 2013. ce/heg