AQUA4D has been treating water for 20 years


Sierre VS – Planet Horizons Technologies presents the seventh generation of its AQUA4D water management system. More than 100 public buildings have been equipped with them since their introduction in 2004.

The Valais-based water treatment specialist Planet Horizons Technologies is presenting the seventh generation of its AQUA4D water management product to mark the 20th anniversary of its launch, according to a press release. AQUA4D was presented for the first time in September 2004 by the company based in the Ecoparc de Daval in Sierre in the canton of Valais. The latest product generation is the result of extensive research and innovation aimed at optimizing water management in various sectors, according to the press release.

“From Daval Ecopark, we continue to develop, test and assemble our products, which are dedicated to protecting water pipes in Switzerland and optimizing irrigation around the world,” the press release continues. “Thanks to in-house production at our Swiss headquarters, we can fully control our production processes and thus guarantee optimum quality and efficiency,” says Nicolas Masserey, Production Manager at AQUA4D.

Planet Horizons Technologies has equipped more than 100 public buildings in Switzerland with its sustainable AQUA4D water treatment system. The innovative technology can also be used to improve the water quality of hospitals and schools. The technology uses electromagnetism according to a patented method to remove limescale deposits and protect against corrosion and bacteria. The system can be used primarily in old buildings with long existing pipes and in areas with high levels of limescale in the water. This not only improved the quality of the drinking water, but also reduced maintenance and servicing costs.

With the experience of more than 5000 installed systems in 45 countries, the company says it is also finding increasing resonance in Switzerland. ce/gba