AMAG opens the first two of 52 fast-charging stations


Cham ZG/Oftringen AG – AMAG’s first two fast-charging stations have gone into operation in Oftringen and Sihlbrugg ZG. The car company plans to set up 52 of these charging stations for electric vehicles at 13 locations throughout Switzerland. The fast charger in Oftringen is supplied with electricity via a peak shaving solution that is being used for the first time worldwide.

AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG has opened the first of 52 planned fast-charging points in Oftringen and Sihlbrugg, according to a media release. One e-vehicle with an output of up to 360 kilowatts can be charged with electricity per pillar. AMAG’s plans to expand its charging infrastructure include fast chargers of this scope at 13 locations.

Both charging points were equipped with ABB ‘s Terra 360 all-in-one device. According to AMAG, this high-performance charging solution, which is currently one of the fastest all-in-one chargers, is also planned for all other stations.

At the fast charger in Oftringen, the power is supplied for the first time in the world via a peak shaving system also developed by ABB. This is an uninterruptible power supply system that ensures “the highest charging performance despite the municipality’s weak grid infrastructure.”

Frank Böhmerle, CTO at AMAG, quoted in the release, sees the creation of additional charging capacity as an “attractive addition to the charging network at highway service stations.” Due to the proximity to the highway, the offer benefits through traffic. From the point of view of the quoted Adrian Wachholz, managing director of ABB E-mobility AG Switzerland, the “holistic solution consisting of distribution, peak shaving system, battery, energy management system and charging stations” is an answer to the requirements of the increasing demand for charging infrastructure.

Payment is possible with common charge cards, credit card payment is planned. The charging process can also be settled via the new customer app and with the AMAG charging card, which can also be used in combination with a credit card. heg