AMAG offers Clyde e-car subscription including electricity


Cham ZG/Zurich – Clyde, a subscription provider belonging to the AMAG Group, is launching a new subscription model for electric vehicles that includes charging. The offer applies to both public and private charging stations in Europe. Here, the credit per kilowatt-hour is higher than its price.

Through its provider Clyde, the AMAG Group has developed a subscription model for electric cars that includes charging. Accordingly, the monthly rate for the Clyde Energy Benefit product includes fixed price, insurance, service, tires, taxes and registration, as well as charging at public charging stations in the European partner network and private charging.

According to a media release, this would make e-cars more than 10 percent cheaper than comparable internal combustion vehicles. If you charge privately, you are reimbursed 30 centimes per kilowatt hour. Because a kilowatt hour in Switzerland cost an average of 21 centimes in 2022, Clyde is reimbursing more than customers are paying. This would also result in new business models within the framework of cross-sector cooperation, for example with interested energy suppliers.

This subscription offer is intended to facilitate the entry into e-mobility, Martin Everts of AMAG Energy & Mobility is quoted as saying. In this way, “the AMAG Group reduces the risk with regard to the future development of electricity prices. In addition, we are thus also promoting local energy production with photovoltaics by significantly increasing the profitability of customers’ plants with a high return tariff.”

Clyde was founded in 2019 as part of AMAG Import AG’s Innovation and Venture Lab. The transformation to an all-electric mobility provider began in early 2022. By 2024, Clyde Mobility aims to be 100 percent electric. Clyde recently became part of the new AMAG Energy & Mobility business unit, which focuses on energy, charging and power. ce/mm