AMAG now also produces solar power in Zuchwil


Cham/Zuchwil SO – AMAG has connected a photovoltaic system to the power grid at its site in Zuchwil. Another one is scheduled to go into operation there at the end of the year. By 2025, Switzerland’s largest car dealer wants to produce more than 20 percent of the electricity it needs itself.

AMAG Zuchwil/Solothurn has installed and commissioned a photovoltaic system on the roof of the VW and Škoda building. On an area of 726 square meters, 367 solar panels are to produce 155,978 kilowatt hours of energy per year. With the same performance data, the garage expects to have a second system installed on the roof of its Audi and Seat building by the end of the year.

“The fact that we are now also among the AMAG operations that can produce our own electricity with a photovoltaic system not only makes us proud, but also more sustainable and independent,” AMAG Solothurn CEO Raphael Biberstein is quoted as saying in a media release. “We need the electricity primarily for customer vehicles and for our own fleet.”

According to the information provided, around 75,000 square meters of AMAG’s roof area will be equipped with solar modules by 2025. This is roughly equivalent to the area of ten soccer fields. This means that the car dealer will produce more than 20 percent of its current electricity consumption itself. ce/mm