Alpine countries cooperate in establishing hydrogen


Bad Ragaz SG – Members of the Working Community of the Alpine Countries have adopted a resolution on the establishment of hydrogen in the Alpine region. In it, they call for uniform standards and a connection of the Alpine region to the international hydrogen network.

Vehicles powered electrically by hydrogen can make an important contribution to climate protection in the Alpine region, according to the ten member states of the Working Community of the Alpine Countries(Arge Alp). They now want to join forces to establish green hydrogen in the Alpine region. To this end, they adopted a resolution in Bad Ragaz on October 20, according to a media release.

Among other things, the member countries of Arge Alp want to be connected to the European Hydrogen Backbone network in good time. Current plans for the necessary hydrogen pipelines do not sufficiently take into account the needs of the Alpine states, according to the media release.

Furthermore, the resolution deals with the not yet existing European regulations for an internal market for hydrogen. Once the directive is adopted, he said, “prompt implementation in national regulations should be sought.”

During the meeting, member countries also exchanged views on the development of cross-border energy regions and cooperation in gas supply. These topics will be pursued in the future. The cooperation is important because, for example, many gas pipelines and transmission networks are located in the border regions.

Arge Alp comprises ten countries, provinces, regions and cantons in Switzerland as well as in Austria, Germany and Italy. These are St.Gallen, Ticino and Grisons from Switzerland; Bavaria from Germany; Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg from Austria and Trentino, South Tyrol and Lombardy from Italy. ce/ssp