AgroImpact wants to reduce CO2 emissions from agriculture


Lausanne – The canton of Vaud, Prométerre, WWF and Nestlé have announced the founding of the AgroImpact association in Lausanne. The aim is to support Swiss agriculture in reducing its CO2 footprint.

With the support of the Vaud authorities, farmers, industry and environmentalists are working together to reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture in Switzerland. The AgroImpact association was founded in Lausanne for this purpose. Founded on the initiative of the Lausanne-based agricultural organization Prométerre, the intercantonal association brings together personalities from agriculture, research, education, trade, industry and non-governmental organizations to finance efficient and transparent measures to reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture in French-speaking Switzerland, according to a press release.

The association is headed by Aude Jarabo, Doctor of Science, and chaired by Claude Baehler, President of Prométerre.

AgroImpact is financially supported by the canton of Vaud with CHF 1,050,000. 900,000 francs will come from the Fonds de soutien à l’économie durable (FSED), which focuses on sustainability. In addition, the Directorate-General for Agriculture, Viticulture and Veterinary Affairs (DGAV) is providing funding of CHF 150,000. In addition, as part of the agricultural section of the Vaud Climate Plan and the AgroImpact project, the DGAV will support wineries that draw up a carbon footprint for their operations. This subsidy will amount to CHF 1,250,000 over five years.

According to the press release, the fact that Nestlé and the WWF are among the founding members of the association demonstrates the interest that this project is arousing among partners of international stature. In addition to its founding members, the association plans to take on future partners who will make it possible to accompany climate change at a national level. ce/gba