AEW Energie produces solar power on Isemeyer site


Aarau/Rheinfelden AG – AEW Energie has installed one of its largest photovoltaic systems on the roof of the Isemeyer site in Rheinfelden. It measures 13,000 square meters and generates 1.9 gigawatt hours of solar energy annually. Around one third of this is consumed by the companies in the area.

AEW Energie AG has installed and commissioned a 13,000 square meter solar plant with 5000 modules in Rheinfelden. It is located on the roof of the Isemeyer site and is one of the largest in the utility’s portfolio.

According to a statement, it generates about 1.9 gigawatt hours of solar power annually. About one third of this is taken directly from the leased companies on site. The rest is fed into the AEW grid.

The plant is operated on a contracting model: it belongs to AEW, which pays for the installation and maintenance costs. As the owner, Soluma AG will receive a contractually agreed fixed price from AEW for the electricity drawn from the roof for the next 30 years in return for providing the space. There are no additional costs for the tenants either. Before the installation of the 5000 solar panels, the roof of the industrial halls was additionally insulated at AEW’s expense, thus improving the building envelope in terms of energy efficiency.

Last but not least, the environment also benefits, according to AEW. “Because the amount of this plant alone could power 420 four-person households for an entire year.” ce/mm