AEW builds heat network in Villmergen industrial area


Aarau/Villmergen AG – AEW Energie AG is expanding its commitment to renewable thermal energy and is building a heating network in Villmergen at a cost of 12 million Swiss francs. In the winter of 2024/2025, 550 single-family homes are to be supplied with CO2-neutral heating energy for the first time.

AEW Energie AG has announced its intention to become more efficient in the expansion of renewable thermal energy and is establishing a heating network in the Villmerger industrial area at a cost of 12 million Swiss francs. The municipality granted approval for the building application submitted in April, according to a media release. Construction work is scheduled to start in the 4th quarter of the current year. The date for the first delivery with renewable district heating to about 550 single-family houses is given as the heating period 2024/2025.

David Gautschi, head of production at AEW, announced that the total heat would save 710,000 cubic meters of natural gas annually, which would cause 1500 tons of CO2 emissions.

According to the information, the heat network uses waste wood as fuel, wood from the region as needed according to ecological cascade utilization, and solar energy with the help of a photovoltaic system with a peak output of 200 kilowatts.

The utility unit is to be located between Bünztalstrasse to the southwest, the municipal boundary to the southeast, the railroad line to the northeast, and the agricultural zone to the northwest. The heating center will be built on the premises of Cellpack AG on Durisolstrasse. The fuels are to be delivered via Anglikerstrasse and the Cellpack AG site.

With this project, the Aargau-based electricity supplier wants to make a contribution to the Energy Strategy 2050. ce/heg