ABB and Pace CCS cooperate on CO2 technologies


Zurich/London – Technology group ABB is entering into a partnership with Pace CCS. The London-based company specializes in capturing CO2 from the air and storing it. Digital twins are intended to make it easier for industrial companies to enter this infrastructure.

ABB and Pace CCS aim to make capture, transport and storage of industrial carbon dioxide emissions more accessible to businesses. To this end, the two companies have formed a partnership, according to a media release. With both expertise, they aim to develop a solution that reduces the cost of integrating carbon capture and storage (CCS) into new and existing industrial facilities.

With digital twins that ABB and Pace CCS plan to provide, industrial companies will be able to test concepts, explore scenarios and design complex operating models. This should reduce the investment and operating costs required for market entry.

“To date, one of the biggest challenges to the widespread adoption of CCS has been the lack of operational practices across the value chain,” Pace CCS CEO Matt Healey is quoted as saying. Companies would hesitate if they didn’t know exactly “how things will work on the ground at each stage of the process.” “But the combined expertise of ABB and Pace CCS can change that.”

Carbon capture and storage is a critical component to accelerating global decarbonization, emphasizes ABB Energy Industries President Brandon Spencer. Despite renewable energy sources, companies would still need to rely on traditional energy infrastructure. Therefore, he said, they must be made more sustainable “by removing the carbon dioxide they produce from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil.” mm